Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Books, Reviews, Writings and Anime: A Child Lost in Flight by Mohan K.

Book Review novellabooksllc.blogspot: A Child Lost in Flight by Mohan K.

How do we as compassionate human beings handle loss and tragedy? Most of us inherently help others when needed, shed tears as a sign of empathy for a friend or colleague, and react in fear when something or someone threatens our personal being or our family members. The aftermath of these events can leave us searching for answers, at a loss for words when explaining our feelings and thoughts, and inevitably alone inside. Author Mohan K. deliberately sweeps us into his real life adversity! We learn about the cataclysm of events that befell a normal father’s life story, abruptly advancing it into a tumultuous tale of very real danger and loss. The pain he feels comes through his writing, the love he acknowledges in every word, we the readers know the suffering is deep. The emotional burden and writer’s voice Mohan K. carries from the loss of his loved one is haunting. In his book A Child Lost in Flight, he explains the circumstances and intertwines an emotional cry for help! The author is trying to find small ways every day to cope, leaving a message to his readers and media alike to require more safety measures aboard aircraft.

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