Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Review from Spiritual Travels blog

Susan Bailey has written a nice review of the book, published on Spiritual Travels blog.

A short narrative of 57 pages, A Child Lost in Flight moves with urgency causing this normally ponderous reader to fly through the pages, anxious to find out what happened to this family. The author’s simple, transparent prose disappeared behind the quick flow of the story.

Mohan cited a particularly helpful book by Elizabeth Gilbert entitled Eat, Pray Love. He writes:
Gilbert’s cheery narrative of how she broke through the gloom and despair of divorce and her lost dreams by following her dream: spending a year eating, loving, and praying, moving across continents to focus on herself to reflect and recharge resonated with me. Wasn’t this also the situation Suja and I had found ourselves in? There was a distinct pattern in the book that resonated with me.

Remaining in the present, allowing oneself to recharge, to breathe … this, to me, speaks of someone open to the flow of life’s journey, through the tumultuous to the hope of a new place. Mohan and Suja were open to transformation, the healing power of allowing grief to take its course.

There is much wisdom in A Child Lost in Flight that can apply just as easily to people of faith as to people with little or no faith. Little Aditya will never be forgotten but his memory can serve as a reminder and a guide to this couple of life, death and renewal: the most basic, and most profound of mysteries.

More detailed review on The Holy Rover Blog. Susan, Thanks for the review!

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