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Book Review: A Child Lost In Flight: Moving On After Tragedy on Jet Airways Flight 229 is a tragedy-to-triumph story. Mohan K writes about his heartbreak and how he and his wife were able to move on after the death of their 4.5-month-old son, Abitya Mohan.

Written in the first person, it is a short story (only 59 pages) that chronicles the Mohan family's experience aboard Jet Airways Brussels-Delhi Flight 9w229 on June 17, 2008. The first half of the book details the events on the international flight that contributed to the infant’s death and the author’s frustration with Jet Airways (the inept response of the crew where minutes were lost in saving his son’s life and how they were treated poorly upon landing in India by the airport authorities).

The story describes Mohan’s anger with Jet Airways on how they failed to do a thorough investigation and fabricated responses to the author’s request for an investigation. The author describes his experience with Jet Airways as a “David Versus Goliath” story and explained that by not having the investigation done properly, it was impossible for his wife and him to find closure.

The second half of the book chronicles the author’s attempt to move on after the tragedy. The message I received was that “living in the present” was key to the author healing his heartache. He describes how he initially questioned his own Karma and couldn’t find any peace of mind. He found it difficult to pray but in time, as he began “living in the present moment” he slowly healed his broken heart.

The ending of the story is uplifting and wonderful! It reminds the reader that it is possible to find happiness and joy after tragedy. As the author describes, the process of moving through the stages of grief is different for everyone and may be slow, but his message is clear: never lose hope for a better tomorrow. It may be hidden behind dark clouds, but it is there.

Mum in the Middle: Book review of:A Child Lost in Flight

Book Review by Mum in the Middle:

This book is one man’s moving account of his struggle to come to terms with the death of his son and his attempts to move on.
Moving away from their homeland eventually gives the couple something other than their pain to focus on and they start to plan a new life together. Mohan and Suja are finally able to look to the future but neither one will ever forget their ‘angel’ Aditya.
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Book reviews for "A Child Lost in Flight"

Two new reviews for the book    "A Child Lost in Flight"

It doesn’t matter where we live or what God we pray to. The pain of losing a child is recognizable in any language. Faith, love, and family are what we need to move on in our lives when fate deals us such a violent blow. Mohan and Suja survived their loss, and in A Child Lost in Flight, Mohan offers their experience as a testament to show that it can be done—that the deepest, darkest night will end. - thinningtheweeds.blogspot,com

“A Child Lost in Flight: Moving on After Tragedy on Flight 229” is well written, structured and concise as one might expect from an IT consultant. Despite this, the author does not refrain from allowing the reader a small glimpse into his personal thoughts and emotions as he travels through his journey of grief and recovery. He details the birth of little Aditya and his involvement with the child so well that by the time the child is unexpectedly taken, the reader is very fond of him also.