Thursday, July 18, 2013

India lunch deaths children buried in Bihar school

Heart goes out to parents of innocent children who died in Bihar school tragedy! Grief of loosing a child is not something any parent should endure!

Nineteen of the 23 children who died after eating a tainted free school meal in India's Bihar state have been buried in and around the school grounds.

Angry parents say they want the graves to serve as a reminder that the children died due to state negligence.

Two days after Dharmasati Gandaman lost so many of its children, the villagers have yet to be visited by any senior police or administration official.  I visited at lunch time and found more than 100 villagers gathered at the school, waiting for someone official to come and speak to them, and offer them some solace.

Even while government officials turn a blind eye, at least the media continues to stay focused on this issue.  BBC reports: India lunch deaths children buried in Bihar school

With 125 children on its rolls, the school has just two teachers, including the headmistress who is nowhere to be found.

"People must not ever forget that our children died inside the school because of the government's negligence," Rangeela Prasad Yadav, whose 11-year-old grand-daughter Mamata was among the dead, told the BBC.

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